Meet The Team

Our team comes from across the globe with specialities in architecture, lighting design, artwork design and fabrication, software development, project management, sound design, composition and audio branding.

Dominic Harris


A qualified architect, Dominic founded Cinimod Studio in 2007 which fuses his passion for integrating technology and interaction with design, art, lighting and architecture.

Bailey Preston

Publicist & Personal Assistant to Dominic Harris

Bailey has the combined responsibility of acting as the personal assistant to the director, Dominic Harris, whilst also covering all aspects of the studio's public and media relations.

Ben Gander

Senior Designer

Leading the production and installation teams, Ben uses his experience in detail design and fabrication to develop the artworks and projects within the studio.

Carsten Heidenreich

Electrical Designer

An engineer experienced with electrical design, installation, networking and metal work production, Carsten oversees the electrical workshop at Cinimod and manages the fabrication and installation of electrics on-site.

Christian Dennis


Christian leads the commercial division of the studio and is a member of the business development team. Liaising with new and existing clientèle, he coordinates the research, development and delivery of the studio's projects.

Chryssa Varna

Architect & Designer

Chryssa is a talented architect and designer who develops and delivers innovative concepts across projects spanning lighting, architecture, interactive artwork and design.

Claudia White

Project Manager

Acting as the lead project manager for the more ambitious and intricate ventures within Cinimod Studio, Claudia is responsible for the management of projects with particular emphasis on client liaison, team coordination, budget management and ensuring successful delivery.

Coriolan Verchezer

Electronic Design Engineer

Coriolan is a hardware engineer who uses his background in consumer electronics and creative technology to work on artworks and commercial projects within the studio.

Craig Moyses

Character Animator

Craig is a 3D character rigger and animator responsible for the set up and creation of movement for the assets produced by the 3D team.

Daisy Hogan

Studio Manager

The studio manager at Cinimod, Daisy works closely with the director, Dominic, managing the financial reporting, human resourcing and overall logistics of the busy studio team.

David Dessens

Creative Software Developer

David is an experienced software developer responsible for the creative real-time audio and visual software development for both the artworks and commercial projects within the studio.

Dougal Drummond

Senior Creative

Dougal thrives on the narrative of projects on multiple levels and has a crucial role in creative delivery. Dougal is also co-founder of North v South, Cinimod’s composition and sound design sister company.

Greg Durant


Greg works across both computer based and physical design work. He enjoys seeing the project evolve from a virtual piece to the tangible end product.

Gustavo Vazquez

3D Artist

Gustavo is a master 3D artist and visual effects designer at Cinimod Studio. His knowledge of CGI software is extensive, and he continues to pioneer new visual techniques for the 3d projects within the studio.

Harish Persad

Technical Lighting Designer

Harish assists on the technical challenges of the studios larger architectural lighting projects, focusing on dynamic lighting design that captures people and enhances their experience of a space.

Henry Collingham


Henry is a multidisciplinary designer working on initial concept development to full technical design. He works seamlessly between physical and digital design processes, and on product design through to lighting projects.

Isabella Stone-Wilson

Junior Designer

Isabella is part of the production team and has recently completed a degree in 3D Design & Craft. She is involved in a variety of different projects across the studio and prides herself on being a very practical and hands on individual.

Joe Wheater

Creative Software Developer

Joe is a cross discipline developer with expertise in Unity 3D game development and Web design/development. His work involves programming interactivity and developing systems for Cinimod projects.

Kristian Gilroy

Senior Creative

Kristian has been driving brand direction for over a decade, and brings this experience to the Cinimod team. Kristian is also co-founder of North v South, Cinimod’s composition and sound design sister company.

Leah Xandora

Lighting Designer

Leah is the lead lighting designer within Cinimod Studio and has worked on a multitude of different lighting schemes. Her particular expertise is on innovation within architectural lighting projects.

Lorenzo Ciciani

Creative Software Developer

Lorenzo has a strong skill set in audio/visual interactivity which he uses to develops software solution for artworks and commercial projects within Cinimod Studio.

Mangosh Prunier

Creative Software Developer

Mangosh is a software developer and creative coder who is proficient in making interactive applications for the creative industry. His work involves writing software which bundles and controls innovative technologies used in Cinimod projects.

Marcia Miller

Studio Assistant

Marcia assists the Cinimod staff with the essential logistics needed to keep the studio smoothly running, including the purchasing and procurement and supporting the team with all their administrative needs.

Michal Stepien

IT Technician and Support

Michal is responsible for the design of the the computer systems and networking structures within the artworks and projects. Additionally, he also manages the studio's overall IT systems and render farms.

Stephen Keefe

Product Designer and Fabricator

Stephen works in detail design and production within the workshop, and is responsible for the 3D-printing department. He is also a fabrication technologist charged with finding new processes for production.