Interactive RFID Projections

Cinimod Studio have developed a new active user tracking system suitable for large events and parties.? This was first deployed at the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards 2010 event in June 2010, where Cinimod linked their tracking system to an interactive video projection display.


At this awards event, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology was used to identify visitors on the two ‘networking pods’ during the evening’s proceedings. The tags use radio signals to send their identity to antenna receivers. Projections then highlight guests’ key professional characteristics.


The interactive projections displayed the projects of nearby shortlisted visitors.? As they moved closer to the centre of the ?pod?, their name rose higher on the list.? Once a visitor was determined to be closest to the centre of the pod their project details and credentials appeared on the panoramic projection screens.


The Awards were the first event that combined this technology to create a uniquely ‘connected’ environment.? The underlying system is a continuing work-in-progress that Cinimod seek to further develop for future art installations and events.? The tracking badges themselves already incorporate accelerometer sensors which can be used to gain further interesting insight into the user?s behaviour.

Cinimod_Studio_RBDA_2010_lowresA-9581 Cinimod_Studio_RBDA_2010_lowresA-9598

Cinimod Studio collaborated with Audialsense to create a unique interactive sound to complement the visual projections.? With a series of loudspeakers located around the site, special antenna receivers identified the eventual winners as they moved through the space. These ?special? guests then ?distorted? the background beats to give everyone else at the awards event audio clues as to the winners’ identities – even before they themselves knew who had won.

Project credits:

RFID interactive video projection system: Cinimod Studio

Lighting Design: Cinimod Studio

Interactive Audio System: Audialsense

Bespoke RFID electronics design and production:? White Wing Logic


This RFID projection system represents the second time that Cinimod Studio has created a unique interactive system for the Restaurant And Bar Design Awards ? the first was the striking Exploded Globe over Hoxton Square in 2008.