Interactive Floor in Lisburn

We’ve just finished the lighting on an interactive floor in the heart of Lisburn! Take a look at the video of it here

Lisburn Interactive Floor

Cinimod Showreel

With so many projects and an extensive amount of video content we’ve put together an exciting new showreel!

Cinimod win a Lighting Design Award!

Cinimod Studio won the Special Projects award at the annual Lighting Design Awards with their Emergence lighting sculpture! It was a privilege to be commissioned by Caviar House & Prunier to create this installation located at the heart of the new T2 Queens Terminal at Heathrow Airport. Built out of carbon fibre and with over 350,000 white LEDs, the looming structure captures the beautiful form of a shoal of fish that is brought to life through digital control.


Preview: Grand Palais 2015

Dominic Harris’s projection piece for the Grand Palais has been selected as part of Art Paris 2015 and will be showcased during the vernissage on Wednesday 25 March 2015 from 6pm – 12am. It will then be shown from Thursday 26 until Saturday 29 March 2015 during the same hours.

Harris’s ‘A Concentric Study’ is a geometric intervention of light and form that distorts and explores the historically rich Beaux-Art façade of the Grand Palais. The interplay between the projected patterns creates a playful yet dynamic tension to the underlying architecture and the historical gravitas of the surrounding area. In an evolution of traditional optical illusions, the patterns meander between calming geometric studies and more dramatic visual movements, accompanied throughout by a musical score that is integral to the overall experience. Both the visual and sonic elements of Harris’s installation alter the viewer’s perception of the Grand Palais so that its architecture takes on a new narrative. Renowned as a seminal historical building in Paris, the light projection temporally transforms the architecture and endows it with a presence that speaks of futurity.

Harris will also be exhibiting further works at Art Paris 2015 with the Sarah Myerscough Gallery in booth B17.

“Emergence” at Heathrow T2