October Interactive Table

This range of exciting artworks feature an intriguing combination of three-dimensional arrays of interactive colour movements controlled in real-time by the environment within which it is placed.

CS interactive table 01CS interactive table 02

The first version of this artwork was as in a table format. It is manufactured from the highest quality materials, and is scalable by design to any required size. An embedded solid-state bespoke control system provide a reliable and maintenance free real-time interactive and responsive control. The table can also operate in a ‘generative art’ mode where it uses algorithms to create a intriguing and perpetually shifting pattern of colours.

CS interactive table 03

Using a combination of specifically chosen glass types, a virtually boundless sense of space is created within the physical confine of the white glass box. A three-dimensional matrix of individually controlled globes of light extends in each direction, controlled interactively by the movement of people and objects around the table.

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