Spirit of Ecstasy for Inside Rolls-Royce

Cinimod Studio were commissioned by London agency Imagination to produce unique and engaging artworks for the "Inside Rolls-Royce" exhibition held at the Saatchi Gallery.

For this project the public were invited to transform themselves into the brand’s iconic ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ via a light particle animation and video wall. Using cutting edge software, the dormant state of the angelic figure was dynamically transformed into a live interactive performance as the visitor takes their place in front of the screen. Amidst a shower of golden sparkles echoing the participant’s silhouette, the Spirit of Ecstasy was brought alive in a stunning real-time visual performance in which an interactive soundscape further enhanced the immersive experience.

On show was also Wood Wall, another Cinimod Studio artwork celebrating particular aspects of the incredible design and craftsmanship of Rolls-Royce.

The nine pristine white rooms of the Saatchi Gallery served as the perfect backdrop for this exhibition exploring and celebrating the rich colours, textures, and design and customisation culture of Rolls-Royce. The interactive installations produced by Cinimod Studio were extremely innovative, and it was through the close collaboration with Imagination and Rolls-Royce that they became such a successful embodiment of the Rolls-Royce brand.

The exhibition is now touring around the world from Berlin to Dubai, Shanghai, Los Angeles and more. Keep updated with its progress by visiting http://www.insiderolls-royce.com/


Client: Rolls-Royce
Creative Agency: Imagination
Production: Cinimod Studio
Music Composition: North v South/Cinimod Studio