Holographic Window Display for Ralph Lauren

Cinimod Studio were commissioned by Ralph Lauren to create a holographic display that showed five different vignettes that represent Polo Sport's core qualities of strength, speed, movement, and style.

Ralph Lauren commissioned Cinimod Studio for the launch of their first holographic and interactive window display to celebrate the release of its new Polo Sport line. Cinimod Studio delivered a ground-breaking interactive shop front at the New York City Ralph Lauren flagship store, on Fifth Avenue and 55th Street in New York City.

The holographic display shows five different vignettes that represent Polo Sport’s core qualities of strength, speed, movement, and style. The athletes are shown in life-size, and are presented in a combination of differing visual effects such as the ‘bullet-time’ panorama of two boxers sparring. The athletes can also be watched jumping rope and sweating in the new PoloTech shirt, which track a range of statistics including heart rate, breathing depth and recovery, intensity of movement, energy output and stress levels, steps taken and calories burned.

Ralph Lauren has been on the cutting edge of fashion and technology for over a decade and continues to re-imagine shopping using unparalleled technology that transcends retail,” Ralph Lauren’s Vice President of Global Advertising, Marketing, and Corporate Communications, David Lauren said. The new technologically-advanced display is in-line with the brand’s new smart shirt, which is being released as part of the Polo Sport line.

The holographic experience gives the appearance of massively increased depth to the otherwise narrow shopfront display. To achieve the flawless delivery of this groundbreaking effect, Cinimod Studio led the meticulous planning and coordination required between the various design disciplines and the technical requirements. Cinimod worked closely with Ralph Lauren’s own in-house team on the content and overall layout, and then deployed a multi-disciplinary team from their London studio to spend several days and nights on site to execute the technical build.

Combining a multitude of digital lighting points and LED video screens that are all synchronised by video and lighting servers, the ‘reflected depth’ hologram effect appears extremely bright and convincing. Using a number of layered depth cues, such as the boxing ropes and props, the LED video wall appears transparent as seen through and reflected in the reflective tensioned film installed by MDH Hologram Ltd (Musion).

The installation ran in the Ralph Lauren windows of the Fifth Avenue and 55th Street flagship store from 26 August 2015 for 4 weeks. It was operational, visible and effective during both daytime and night-time hours.


Client: Ralph Lauren
Design Concept and Video Content: Ralph Lauren (in-house team)
Hologram Technical Design and Installation: Cinimod Studio
Lighting Design and Programming: Cinimod Studio
Side Screens, Interactive Programming: Cinimod Studio
Audio Content: North v South / Cinimod Studio