Ricky Table for Ralph Lauren

Cinimod Studio have created a truly unique and engaging in-store experience, allowing a customer to personalise their own 'Ricky Bag' via interacting with a bespoke electronic interface.



Cinimod Studio have created a unique and engaging in-store experience where each customer can physically interact with a bespoke electronics embedded leather interface that allows them to personalise their own Classic Ricky, Soft Ricky, Tiffin and Drawstring bag.  By using the bespoke leather table top interface, the customer can select and move a collection of different leather and alligator samples to specify the colour, lining type and metal finish of their bag. Giving their bag a personal touch with the use of an integrated capacitive touch alphabet, further customisation allows for unique engraving and monogramming of the customer’s initials.

Beginning their experience at an Ipad interface, each of their choices is logged within their session generating unique product codes that can be revisited for purchase. Throughout the customer experience, a digital real-time view of their bag is presented on a transparent OLED screen which continually updates with the customers’ selected choices. The digital bag offers a photo-realistic imitation of their Ricky bag, inclusive of accurate texturing, colourisation and form.
Set within the leather clad table are a selection of touch ‘toggle’ buttons allowing the store assistant to zoom in and out of the bag on request. Triggering an open and close animation, the customer is able to appreciate all interior and exterior details of the design they have created.

As their session draws to an end, the customer has the choice to purchase. A take-away printout of their chosen design is handed to the customer as a token of their unique in-store experience.

Encompassing a range of intricate bespoke RFID, LED and capacitive touch PCB technology layered within the table’s interior, with direct communication to a mobile application and a bespoke back-end server resulting in beautiful high-resolution graphics displayed on state of the art OLED screen technology. The experience is a truly advanced combination of physical and digital technologies.