Snog - Bentalls Centre

With the successful involvement of Unilever with Snog Pure Frozen Yogurt, Cinimod Studio designed and delivered the first large free-standing kiosk to the busy Bentalls Shopping Centre in Kingston, UK.

2014 Snog Bentalls Centre by Cinimod Studio - lowres-4117

The design was realised predominantly through the use of GRP, with undulating organic forms accentuated by lighting nodes intrinsic to the structure. Working closely with the GRP manufacturer the design evolved to push the design limits while preserving the cost efficiency needed for a larger scale roll-out. Within this ambitious remit there was no loss of playfulness in the design language, keeping true to the original concept developed by Cinimod Studio.


Client: Snog Pure Frozen Yogurt (London)
Architecture Design: Cinimod Studio
Lighting Design: Cinimod Studio
Project Management: Building Construction Solutions