Snog - Marylebone

Cinimod Studio created a compact but high impact presence for Snog Pure Frozen Yogurt at a location just off the busy Marylebone High Street.

Snog Pure Frozen Yogurt Marylebone by Cinimod Studio - lowres-2

The design is an elegant adaptation of the new playful GRP forms first deployed in the St Johns Wood High Street store, combined with the now classic “Snog Globe” lighting developed specifically by Cinimod Studio for the Snog brand.

Generous window seats provide the perfect place to relax whilst momentarily pausing between the contrasting environments of the busy street outdoors and the surreal colourful and animated indoor Snog environment.

In the Marylebone store, we see the first deployment of the new white LED down-lights designed with Mike Stoane Lighting. Designed to integrate within the bubbling colour LED globe ceiling, these white pendant lights provide a welcoming warm white downlight to the store below.


Client: Snog Pure Frozen Yogurt (London)
Architecture Design: Cinimod Studio
Lighting Design: Cinimod Studio
Project Architect: Tim Greatrex / Cinimod Studio
Main Contractor: WFC
Project Management: Building Construction Solutions