Tusi Couple

Applying the Gestalt theory of grouping and perception, Tusi proposes a question of local and global motion perception. The global perception creates the optical illusion of a circular shape made up of spheres rotating and rolling over its centre, whereas the local perception is that each sphere moves along its own straight rectilinear path.

The presence of a singular red point amongst the others allows the viewer to access and realise the principle behind Tusi’s optical illusion.

Tusi shows how perceptual processes work: organising the information from a global structure towards a more fine-grained analysis. The identification of global structures being useful for the reduction of those stimuli to local structures.

There has been much research about this visual perception phenomenon but, as far as Cinimod Studio and Daniel understand, this is the first time that the Tusi Couple has been physically created, let alone produced into an artwork.


Artwork by: Dominic Harris
Materials: Bespoke Electronics, Motor, Aluminium, Steel, Neodymium, Acrylic Polymer, Rubber, Cable Looms, Phenolic Thermoset Resin
Dimensions: 600 x 600 x 120mm
Edition of: 8 + 2AP + 2P
Designed by: Daniel Gabana Arellano
Produced by: Cinimod Studio