Cinimod Studio designed and delivered two elegant lighting features for the Wondertree Restaurant, situated on the mezzanine level of the Heathrow Terminal 2 “Queen’s Terminal” building.  In the form of sculptural trees with intricate lighting, they provide a fresh and unique addition to the restaurant which has been named after the sculptures.

Wondertree T2 by Cinimod Studio - lowres-6455

The presence of the trees adds visual excitement to the restaurant environment crafted by Fusion DNA, and provides an iconic reference point within the looming international departures lounge within which it is sited.

The captivating design reflects the ‘clearing in the forest’ vibrant concept of Wondertree. The trees frame out and enclose the restaurant seating and are visible from distance throughout the terminal building. A contemporary twist on nature, the tree designs are a bespoke design proposal developed and delivered by Cinimod Studio.

Each leaf is individually illuminated, letting the seasonal hues of colour and light play softly across the leaf canopy. Branches with internally illuminated leaves are constantly colour changing to reflect the time of day, the time of year or even to highlight special occasions. As each season passes, a greater colour shift is created from the pinks and yellows of summer to the browns and reds of autumn, adding to the visual spectacle of the restaurant and the greater terminal building.

With the success of ‘Wondertree’ at Heathrow Terminal 2, Cinimod Studio were once again commissioned to design, produce and install two ‘Wondertree’ lighting installations at Gatwick airport.

To adapt to the lower ceiling, they designed the trees to act as a canopy over the customers, physically entwined with the overall architecture. The larger tree sits elegantly in its new surroundings where the installation grows out of a central dining table offering a mesmerizing glow to the customers dining below. The smaller tree at the foreground of the store is seen from the departure lounge that draws the public into the restaurant.

Much like the previous Wondertrees, the leaves continuously change colour reflecting the brand’s palette. On unique occasions the lighting represents and compliment these events. Now set within the two Wondertree restaurants, the Wondertree lighting installations have become integral to the brand and are iconic in their own right.


Client: The Restaurant Group PLC
Concept, Design & Production: Cinimod Studio
Metalwork and Installation: Litestructures
Restaurant Architect: Fusion DNA
Onsite contractors: Synecore, Interiors UK, Crossley Associates and CMC Projects