Cinimod Studio will often create bespoke lighting and electronic solutions for use on their projects.  Sometimes this Research and Development leads towards the creation of a new product which we are then able to offer to both specialist event companies and the general public.   Below are the first ‘graduates’ of our product design process.


Controllable LED Table Lights

Cinimod Studio is pleased to announce the launch of their new LED table centerpiece lights.  These were created specifically for the live events market, and were first used at the FX International Interiors Design Awards held at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London.  


One of Cinimod’s LED "bricks" was placed on each table, and contained the bespoke electronics, wireless DMX receiver, battery pack, 8 bright full-colour LEDs and a diffusing glass lens.   The integral battery pack supplies approximately 12 hours of light at full power.   Each light pack has a unique control address so that colour effects can be "played" across entire room of tables.

The above short video clip demonstrates the impressive lighting effects that can be easily created and controlled in real-time via either our own software solution running off a laptop, or by direct patching into a DMX lighting control desk.


Example of the table light colours being coordinated with the main lighting design on the set of this awards ceremony. 

Availability:  Cinimod Studio currently hold a stock of 100 units that are available for rental.  For all enquiries please contact the studio.


White LED Chinese Lantern Table Chandelier

With an increasing number of event venues not allowing the use of candles, we have seized on the opportunity to create our own unique lighting centrepiece.   These LED Chinese table lantern chandeliers were designed to create an intriguing and elegant clustered lighting installation that gently sways with the air currents within the room.  Their soft light and long-life battery power is ideal for events and large seated dinners.


From each weighted base there are 7 lantern stems, each with their own battery-powered LED white paper lantern.   Elegant flower arrangements can be created using the test tubes magnetically fixed to the stems.

Availability:  Cinimod Studio currently have a small quantity available for either rental or purchase, with larger quantities made to order.   For all enquiries please contact the studio.